Avis Flex

Avis Flex is actually a car rental from one to twelve months with a nice price accompanied by all advantages of car rental.

What are the preferences of Avis Flex compared to regular leasing?

  • No initial payment required
  • No hesitation for any credit commission decisions
  • No long-term commitments with a possibility to invest elsewhere
  • Car choice from existent Avis fleet
  • Immediate collection of the car requested
  • Easy access for the replacement car
  • High quality service, repairs or additional insurance guaranteed

Avis Flex includes:
  • 24h Avis emergency service, replacement car, technical maintenance, repairs after collision, representation in insurance companies
  • collision damage waiver with customer's excess 300 EUR for each insurance case
  • theft protection or total damage with customer's excess 10% of vehicle market price

Experts of Avis are certain that total expenses of amortization, maintenance and technical service of vehicles owned by the enterprise, as well as extra expenses of purchase and selling of vehicles are considerably more expensive than Avis offered Avis Flex in cases when you have planned to use a car only for a couple of months or approximately a year.

When your enterprise has projects of greater measure which realization requires extending the amount of employees and official vehicles for some time, when your car is under long repair or you are waiting for your new car, which still is on the way from the manufacturer - Avis Flex is suitable economical solution.

Avis Flex is advantageous because just for one monthly payment you will receive full choice of services - a long term rental, maintenance services, standard insurance, replacement car in case to the instant car appears problems, technical service and 24 hours technical support service on the way.

Avis offers to choose new vehicles with excellent equipment according to the needs of customer's car park and provides a high level full maintenance service. Avis offers to terminate for some time or completely resign use of the vehicle without payment for breach of contract, when the vehicle is not necessary anymore for the customer (minimal usage time of the vehicle - 30 days).

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