Operational Lease

Full services package offered by AVIS is the most popular fleet solution for business clients. The main purpose of it to cover Your fleet needs by 100%, solving all problems related to fleet management. All You need is to fuel the tank.

You will get consolidated invoice for insurances, technical maintenance, changing the tyres, repairs and so on. You save your time and money with our offer. Let us deal with service people and companies.

Operational lease full services package (monthly payment) includes:

  • Operational lease
  • Car registration
  • Traffic insurance
  • CASCO insurance:
    - Accident
    - Theft, robbery
    - Includes "Protection for a new car"
  • Handling of insurance cases - AVIS will take care of everything to do with insurance companies and police
  • 24h emergency assistance - advice and support from the AVIS
  • Changing and storing tyres
  • Regular technical services value
  • Administration of the invoices
  • Discount for fuel
  • Discounts to additional equipment, spare parts, services
  • Replacement car
  • Discount for car hire in Latvia and abroad up to 30%
  • Solution of all other problems related to your fleet.