Maintenance and repair

Maintenance of fleet — it is amazingly easy! Just a call to the 24-h telephone number of Avis, and all maintenance and repair work shall be done with high quality and for a good price. The customer support telephone of Avis is 67 216 688.

The package includes

    • registration of repair/maintenance work orders
    • drafting of work sheets and budget
    • booking of times for subcontractors
    • communication with repair companies (agreements about warranty, time of work)
    • administration of invoices (includes supervision of work done)
    • price discounts of Avis due to the volume of the fleet of Avis
    • supervision of the kilometrage of a vehicle and notifications

Additional services

    • placement of the vehicle into the repair garage and back
    • evaluation of an Avis specialist of the quality of the work performed at the repair place, correction of work not performed or done with low quality, if applicable