People and culture

At Avis, we live by our philosophy of "We try harder." both in our dealings with customers and our employees. We do this through employee involvement at all levels, continuous updating of knowledge and skills and by providing competitive recognition and reward systems.

"We try harder." is our heritage. It embodies the Spirit of Avis and is what truly differentiates us from our competitors. It is a unique property of our brand and is as important to our future as it has been to our past.

The "We try harder." service values guide all employees in their day to day work and means everyone in the company giving a little extra... all of the time; putting customers first and making exceptional service the norm rather than the exception. "We try harder." also means continuous improvement and innovation and being best at what matters most to the customer.

Putting "We try harder." into action is a market leadership strategy and the real strength of Avis. To help retain this advantage Avis places considerable emphasis on attracting and retaining talented people. The company invests in extensive training and development programmes and operates a unique and comprehensive recognition process that includes employees at all levels who in the opinion of customers, suppliers, partners and colleagues have given a little extra and delivered the "We try harder." promise.

Active encouragement employees to develop careers within the Ideal Group, has assured us stability and sustainability.

The company's progressive and open management style, distinctive culture and shared vision of beliefs and values has created a high degree of employee commitment, enthusiasm and expertise.

Their accumulated knowledge and experience, acquired in the context of a unique culture, provides Avis with a powerful competitive advantage.