Rental Rules

Driver`s Age

A, B, C and F car group - minimum age is 21 year.
D, E and I car group - minimum age is 23 years.
G, H, J, K and L car group - minimum age is 25 years.

Young driver surcharge EUR 30 +TAX per rental applies to driver and additional drivers under 25 years.

Driver`s License

Renter must have at least one year experience of driving with B category driver's license. Driver's license must be valid at the rental period.
Those renters, whose driver's license is written in non-roman alphabet and for countries that have not joined the convention on road traffic at Vienna on 8th November 1968, need to have the international driver's license.

Method of Payment

Only those credit cards that are accepted by Avis (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club) can be used for hiring a car.
Two different type of credit cards must be presented for hiring H, J and L group car.

Avis correspondents are paying with Avis Charge Cards (a credit card is not required).

You can pay also with Avis prepayment vouchers. There are two types of them:
  • Fixed value voucher (a credit card must be presented);

  • Full credit voucher (a credit card is not required).

  • Insurances


    Current Insurance Table
    Car Group CDW per day TP per day Group PAI Super PAI Customer liability (No CDW or TP) Non waivaible excess
    O 9.00 9.00 6.00 N/A 6.400,00 850,00
    A 10.00 10.00 6.00 N/A 6.400,00 850.00
    B 10.00 10.00 6.00 N/A 7.830,00 850.00
    C 11.00 11.00 6.00 N/A 9.250,00 850.00
    D 13.00 13.00 6.00 N/A 12.100,00 850.00
    E 14.00 14.00 6.00 N/A 12.100,00 850.00
    F 11.00 11.00 6.00 N/A 7.830,00 850.00
    G 17.00 17.00 6.00 N/A 17.970,00 850.00
    H 14.00 14.00 6.00 N/A 12.100,00 850.00
    I 13.00 13.00 6.00 N/A 9.250,00 850.00
    J 15.00 15.00 6.00 N/A 17.080,00 850.00
    K 14.00 14.00 6.00 N/A 12.100,00 850.00
    L 17.00 17.00 6.00 N/A 17.790,00 850.00

    Additional Driver

    The vehicle may be driven by persons other than the renter, with the consent of the renter and on the conditions specified in the rental agreement.
    A fee of EUR 30 +TAX per rental is for every additional driver.

    Additional Surcharges

    The charge EUR 19,20 + TAX is per rental in Airport.

    There is a contract fee EUR 5,70 +TAX per every rental.

    Winter tyres fee EUR 4,25 +TAX per day is charged from 01Dec till 01Mar. In this period of time all car groups are equipped with winter tyres.

    Meet late/early arrival charge EUR 33,00 +TAX will be applied for rentals in out of office hours. For office hours click here.

    Special Equipment

    Available upon request :
  • baby/child or booster seat (EUR 33.00 +TAX per rental);

  • Tom Tom GPS navigation (EUR 9.00 +TAX per day, maximum 10 days charge ).

  • Fuel

    Avis fleet consists of a petrol and diesel engine vehicles. A type of fuel is shown on the documents which client receive renting a vehicle.
    A special fee of EUR 2,58 +TAX per liter applies for returning the car with tank not completely full.
    Avis offers prepaid fuel option EUR 2,00 +TAX per liter.

    One Way

    Within country drop off fees:
    - Riga - Liepaja EUR 70.00 +TAX

    Outside country drop off fees:
    - Riga, Liepaja - Kaunas (LT), Vilnius (LT) EUR 130.00 +TAX
    - Riga, Liepaja - Tallin (EE) EUR 130.00 +TAX


    Delivery and collection to / from hotels and addresses:
    Within city: Riga
    8:30 - 17:30 EUR 15.00 +TAX
    For VIP customers free of charge.

    Other addresses:
    09.00 - 18.00 EUR 35.00 + EUR 0.60 per km +TAX
    18.00 - 24.00 EUR 50.00 + EUR 0.60 per km +TAX


    EUR 150.00 +TAX for smoking in rented car.
    EUR 25.00 +TAX for leaving the vehicle in Riga Airport parking P1.
    EUR 10.00 +TAX for missing road map.
    EUR 100.00 +TAX for missing car documents.
    EUR 570.00 +TAX for missing car keys.
    EUR 400.00 +TAX for stolen, broken or not returned GPS.


    TAX 21%